At DNA Physical Therapy & Athletics we offer a number of in-person and virtual services. Our physical therapy sessions and personal training sessions are available in-house or via video. We can provide virtual services to anyone in the states of Oregon or Washington. In addition to providing services for general physical therapy, we also work with auto accident injuries and workers' compensation claims. Give us a call at (971) 708-6113 and let us help you unleash your Dynamic Natural Athlete.


Physical Therapy

At DNA we use a functional and dynamic approach to patient care using both active and traditional manual therapy, along with therapeutic and corrective exercise interventions. These techniques are based on research and the expertise of our therapists working with athletes at every level. Our treatment tools include state of the art manual techniques such as Active Release Techniques (ART) and Niel Asher Technique (NAT) along with training philosophies from Functional Movement Systems and Rehab 2 Performance. Your physical therapy evaluation and follow up appointments will be 1 hour. 

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Small Group Training

Small group training is a natural extension and complement to physical therapy. Our classes utilize the expertise of a licensed physical therapist to lead the training, providing the athlete with a truly unique experience. Our signature approach involves continuous assessment and opportunities for improvement during the same training session to create a functional performance profile. This profile continues to evolve as the athlete progresses. Small groups will maintain a ratio of one PT to maximum six athletes allowing for closer monitoring and immediate progression during workouts. These therapeutic and performance exercise techniques build on the ones used with Physical Therapy. Your small group training class will be 1 hour long.




Performance Training

At DNA our performance training provides you a one-on-one experience when you are not in need of physical therapy. Using the principles of functional training, you are able to enhance your athletic execution and learn to prevent potential injuries. Personalized time with one of our performance specialists allows you to further boost your functional performance profile and tailor a workout to challenge your weakness by improving your natural strengths. The "DNA way" helps to keep you competing in the game longer. Your performance assessment and training sessions will be 1 hour.

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TeleHealth and TeleFunction

In these uncertain times, we understand that not everyone is able to or even feels comfortable going out in public.

We offer both our Physical Therapy services and our Personal Performance Training virtually.

You will experience the same one-on-one care that you need without the need to travel to our clinic.

Whether you have immunity issues or you are currently working double duty as a home-school teacher, you can still take care of yourself without the need to leave your home.


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Active Release Techniques (ART)

When not properly treated, soft tissue injuries can be devastating and lead to adhesions forming in the tissue restricting movement and entrapping nerves. ART is a non-surgical system to diagnose and treat this injury and potential scarring or adhesions that accumulate within the muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments. Using the principles of friction and tension it actually shears away these adhesions while muscles are in motion. DNA has Andrea Bulat on staff, the only ART trained physical therapist in Portland and surrounding area. She has used this technique at various sporting events including the Rock n’ Roll marathon and Ironman competitions. For more information check out the website,

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Niel Asher Technique (NAT)

NAT is a trigger point technique that uses deep stroking massage and compressive inhibition in a particular and purposeful sequence. This has a profound effect on the nervous system by stimulating pain pathways through mechanoreceptors within and around trigger points (and joints). This technique deliberately uses automatic reflexes associated with these points to release the holding patterns normalizing motor unit output. DNA has Jenelle Andrews on staff, she is a certified Niel Asher manual therapist. For more information check out the website,

Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (cropped)

Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Regenerative soft tissue therapy successfully resolves many difficult conditions, including chronic tendinopathies and movement restrictions/pain resulting from scar tissue. Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is non-invasive, has a short treatment course, and it is reliable and safe. This treatment safely, effectively and efficiently stimulates scar tissue to be resorbed by the body and regenerates damaged soft tissues. DNA has providers who value the role that tool assisted therapy plays in reducing both acute and chronic conditions.

kinesiology taping

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping facilitates the body’s natural process of healing without preventing natural range of motion. It uses the somatosensory, lymphatic and neuromuscular systems to reduce pain and inflammation. This helps promote good circulation for healing and can prevent injury. The taping successfully treats a variety of orthopedic, neuromuscular, neurological and other medical conditions. DNA has providers who utilize the tape to improve support and stability of muscles and joints encouraging all of the benefits stated above.

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Functional Movement Systems

Mobility, motor control and functional patterns are key to fundamental movement. The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and Functional Movement Screen (FMS) provides a systematic approach to screening an athlete and highlighting how she moves to determine if she moves well. Using this type of system provides some consistency to testing and guides treatment through corrective exercises. DNA has providers who are passionate about functional movement so naturally this is a system that complements our treatment and training approach. For more information check out the website,

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Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

Human posture, movement and gait are established by the nervous system early on. The first years of life are critical in developing healthy and robust patterns of movement. DNS uses neurodevelopmental aspects of motor control to help address the disconnect causing dysfunctional locomotion. DNA has providers who are eager to guide you back to your origin of movement to discover the weak link contributing to your limitations. For more information check out the website,

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Rehab 2 Performance (R2P)

As the worlds of rehabilitation, fitness and performance evolve R2P is a nationally recognized organization that is bringing together a network of like-minded professionals. They are leveraging the fields of chiropractic, physical therapy, traditional medicine, exercise physiology, kinesiology, strength and conditioning and physical training to promote health, disability management and injury prevention. R2P aims to educate and further advance the ideals of The Functional Approach to increase activity across the country. DNA has providers who are part of this community bridging the gap to give an unparalleled level of care. For more information check out the website,

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Perform Better Summit

This Functional Training Summit is an educational conference for trainers, coaches and healthcare providers. It is designed to teach others principles to enhance athletic and fitness performance. The 3-day event includes a combination of lectures and hands-on learning experiences with top professionals in the industry. DNA providers and staff make this an annual event in Long Beach, California as part of continuing education and team bonding. For more information check out the website,

Your health and wellness is our specialty.