Physical Therapy

At DNA we use a functional and dynamic approach to patient care using both active and traditional manual therapy, along with therapeutic and corrective exercise interventions. These techniques are based on research and the expertise of our therapists working with athletes at every level.

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Small Group Training led by a Licensed Physical Therapist

Small group training is a natural extension and complement to physical therapy. Our classes utilize the expertise of a licensed physical therapist to lead the training, providing the athlete with a truly unique experience.

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Performance Training

At DNA our performance training provides you a one-on-one experience when you are not in need of physical therapy. Using the principles of functional training, you are able to enhance your athletic execution and learn to prevent potential injuries.

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Our goal is to develop, enhance and maintain your natural skills as an athletic person. This empowers you to live an active and healthy lifestyle while achieving athletic endeavors safely and competitively. Everyone that comes to our facility is defined as an athlete regardless of their background, experience or level of athleticism. There is a Dynamic Natural Athlete in all of us. Let us inspire you to UNLEASH your DNA!


Youth and High School athletes! Join us June 23rd to learn what your Functional Performance Profile is! Call 971-708-6113 for details and to reserve your spot.

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Exercise of the Day!

Functional Movement of the Week!

*Always consult a healthcare professional before beginning any exercise. If you experience any pain or difficulty with these exercises, stop and consult your healthcare provider.

Deadlift Lat Engagement (Arm Against Ribs) Drill

This is a drill that emphasizes the use of the lats in the deadlift.

DL lat engagement (pic 1)
DL lat engagement (pic 2)

Stand in a neutral position with the ear, shoulder, hip, and knee in proper alignment. Have the arms rest comfortably at each side of the body. Begin to squeeze the shoulders against the body so that the lats become engaged and the shoulder girdle experiences depression and retraction.

If this isn't enough, use a towel or another object and place it in the armpit. Begin to squeeze the object for a couple seconds on and a couple seconds off.