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Discover your blueprint

At DNA Physical Therapy & Athletics, we help you maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing a personalized blueprint to pain-free movement.

You will work with a physical therapist one-on-one for your entire visit, allowing you to recover from injury and alleviate pain faster.

Our physical therapists are experts at movement and body dynamics.

Let us help you discover your blueprint today!

We offer both in-person and telehealth appointments.

As a small clinic, we offer many alternative methods to schedule an appointment; please see our contact page or click this link to book now. Appointments can be scheduled online or via text message.


DNA Physical Therapy & Athletics                                                  516 S. Trade St, Ste 111                                                                          Amity, OR 97101                                                                                    Text or call: ‪(503) 308-1156‬          

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Discover your blueprint